Featured Work!


Project Description : Reconstructed PICT college's website to make it faster, more extensive , attractive and functionally equipped , so to make users experience a distinguished one than before.

Website Type : Wordpress Website (Content Management System)

Technologies used : Wordpress, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Content Delivery Network, HTML5, CSS3.

Website Link : Pict.edu.


Project Description : Designed an illustrative website for animated video making company to successfully endorse their work onto digital media.

Website Type : Dynamic Website with custom CMS

Technologies used : PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3.

Website Link : Brandsmark.co.


Project Description : Developed a descriptive website for an event with detailed instruction for any average viewer who intents to attend.

Website Type : Angular Js Website

Technologies used : Angular Js, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.

Website Link : Pictconference.in.


Project Description : Designed a fully featured event based website from scratch for an institute covering all the events,their specification and scheduling allowing easy navigation and fast speed.

Website Type : HTML5 CSS3 Static Responsive website

Technologies used : JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Content Delivery Network.

Website Link : Antarang2016.org.

instaKYC.in & instaSIM.in

Project Description : Constructed a user-friendly,fast and extensive website for a product. The website includes the product's features,process and benefits too,with great interface for better business understanding.

Website Type : HTML5 CSS3 Static Responsive website

Technologies used : JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.

Website Link : instaKYC.in & instaSIM.in .