The hottest WordPress Trends to watch out for in 2016

CMS-based websites have become more and more popular over the years and one such amazing CMS- website is WordPress. Today WordPress continues to maintain its position as the most simple and popular website-maker.
At least 20% of the whole web is filled up with WordPress websites. From creating websites for reputed organisations like NASA to building authentic business websites for companies like the Ford Motor Company, WordPress has travelled a long way. But the most unique feature of a WordPress website is that anyone can make a website without requiring any technical knowledge of HTML5 or CSS. That is the beauty of a CMS website.

Faster loading time is crucial for every website. Now many websites are aiming on becoming mobile-friendly and are simple to use, simple to load and effective in delivering quality content. WordPress is  focusing on these points and improving its software to include the latest features and trends. Ten years since its launch, WordPress website trends have come and faded back to produce quality websites. Below are some of the hottest 2016 WordPress website trends that you’ll be able to expect in this year.

2016  WordPress web site Trends: What’s Hot- Speed, Simplicity and Stunning Backgrounds.

1.Captivating Background images.

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While simplicity is always preferred, creating an aesthetic and visually appealing website is a must.
One such way of doing this is transforming your WordPress style into life by using high resolution images as a background.

2.Splash of colour over flat and dull websites.

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The latest digital interfaces, together with Windows 8.1 and iOS 7, take out fancy style parts like gradients or shadow, and integrate colour to create vibrant interfaces. The same technique is applied to WordPress websites.
Clean and straightforward layouts with strategic colour placement to highlight important stuff and usage of sleek, fashionable styles is the next big thing in WordPress templates. These templates offer endless customization and styles to present your ideas in a lively and colourful way.

3.One website page for all.

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Inspired by the navigation challenges faced by mobile devices, there are lots of simplified WordPress styles designed to solve this issue. Simple and elegant, single page websites integrate all of the major content in one single page. When we click on an item of the menu, we automatically shift to the content of that item on the same page, instead of loading a brand new page.
Some samples of single page WordPress templates and paid themes like Renova, Stylos, and Interion.

4.Typography >images.



Through easy add-ons like Typekit, many WordPress websites are focusing on appearance of text by employing eye-catching and distinctive fonts.
Previously, most websites were restricted to conventional fonts like Arial, Times New Roman or the usual Comic Sans.  But now any beautiful font can be created and displayed with the help of user-friendly technology.  WordPress sites are implementing beautiful typography to make websites stand out from the rest.

5.Choose beautiful videos over boring text.



The only thing which is more impactful than an image is a video. A video made using some of the best animations and graphics to visually express your ideas and your vision. A video is an excellent tool to present your product or service, to show how your team works and creates a great product. One can employ engaging visuals, infographics and charts to present the content in an effective way. Some of the websites which have implemented this technique are-



It’s shaping up to be a great year for simplifying and remodelling your website to create its best version. So go ahead and create your website’s presence over the web by using these credible trends.

by Siteflu

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