9 reasons why Pageless design is the ultimate piece of webdesign



Today designing websites has become more of a tedious job. Not only one has to design a website but also make it crisp, sleek and elegant. Also one has to focus on making the website’s content more concise and valuable. Also the website’s UI has consistently made improvements over the years. On the other hand, the website’s UX has improved in terms of functionality, navigation and security. But all aspects focus on only one thing- the user’s mind. What a user expects, requires and prefers in a website. And there are countless theories invented and brainstormed to discover the perfect formula of making a great website. One such noble way is reducing the complexity of the website’s content. To explain it in simple words, let us assume a website having a huge amount of content and multiple navigation. Thus when a user visits that website, wouldn’t it be tedious for him to go through the entire thing? The user can face the following set of problems-

  • He/ she may find the website less appealing due to large amount of content
  • He/she may not be able to navigate through the website for finding the right information.

All this will ultimately lead to the effective decrease in website’s traffic and ranking. To prevent this from happening and take website design to the next level, the concept of Pageless design is introduced. Now Pageless design doesn’t imply that a website shouldn’t have pages but it implies that a website should contain a single, simple page. That’s right. Only one page to showcase the best of everything you have got. One might view it as a difficult task or challenge of developing it but the rewards are exciting. Now one may ask why Pageless design? Here are 9 solid reasons on why one should opt for it-

1. It is simple.

Simple for the user to go through the website and grasp the content. The design is ultra-simplified and more than just good looking, it is simple to use and offers excellent control on what information is used and how it is presented.

2. It is intuitive.

It is natural for a user to scroll down a webpage rather clicking on different links to get the info. The simplest form of user response and feedback is scrolling, And Pageless design encourages that. It supports intuitive scrolling. And when a website has rich content, who will stop scrolling through such an amazing webpage?

3. It is smart.

Your website’s content is presented in a smart, clutter- free manner. No pile up of images and long paragraphs of text anymore. Just important stuff. The content which compels the user or influences the user in a smart, positive way is going to stay here.

4. It is responsive.

The layout is designed to fit every screen and resolution so that every user in the world can view it. There are flexible frameworks designed to provide the best user experience and it also supports mobile-friendly approach.

5. It is SEO friendly.

Yup now one might think and conclude that having a single page website might turn out bad for SEO. That is because a traditional website has multiple pages and links to increase keyword frequency and page rank. But don’t worry, if you can focus on having a higher core content density then your website will more SEO friendly.

6. It is easily shareable.

Most people prefer websites which deliver content and information in a short span of time. And Pageless design does that very well. It’s so easy to share and due to this one can get huge amount of page visits.

7. It increases conversion rates.

Conversion rates means if a site has 1000 visitors and 200 of them actually did some kind of action on it. If it was a commercial website then those 200 people bought products on it or took their service. So the conversion rate for that website is 200/1000= 20%. Pageless design emphasises on more UI elements like CTA buttons, high quality images etc. So you will observe a significant increase in conversion rates after employing this design.

8. It has a storytelling approach.

Unlike traditional websites, Pageless design wants to tell the user a story. A beautiful, captivating story. A story reflecting their aims, vision and ideas. So instead of plain boring text, the user is rewarded with immersive and interactive experiences which have a powerful influence and impact on the user.

9. It can be easily updated.

Instead of dealing with the complexity of coding multiple pages, you just have to code for a single page. One can craft a strong, enduring and concise webpage. This guarantees excellent user experience along with efficient coding work.

So concluding on this note, we at Siteflu firmly believe that Pageless design is the next big thing in webdesign. What are your views about it? Share them in the comments section.

by Siteflu

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